Infernal Cape Service

#1 Infernal Cape via Teamviewer / Remote / NO BANS Guaranteed

  • One of the toughest, most daunting challenges to present Old School Runescape Players since the release of OSRS itself completely dwarves the challenges present by the Tz-Tok Jad of the 2007 Scape era. The infernal cape is more than just a challenge of who possesses the most Old School Runescape GP, there is quite a bit of unhindered talent involved.
  • The infernal cape is widely regarded as the most powerful cape in all of Gielinor. Jagex has created a quest so epic that few have obtained the glory. Every hero deserves to wear a cape of such caliber; we can acquire the infernal cape for you.


Why should you Buy OSRS Infernal Cape from us?


  1. We are easily the most trusted, most reputable inferno cape sellers on the market. We have over $10,000,000 USD transacted, with over 4500 vouches (feedback), found on multiple forums: Sythe, Trustpilot, Powerbot, and OSbot.
  2. It is super safe. We have gotten 0 bans so far. It is impossible for Jagex to track us. We have highly skilled, experienced, and trained specialists who will use team viewer (also known as TV; teamviewer) to make it impossible for Jagex to detect. We have, in recent time, moved forward with utilizing a program called “Parsec”; which is the exact same thing as Teamviewer, but much faster, modern and more efficient for remote connections and remote inferno capes. No need for using cheap VPNs and getting banned permanently. We never partake in cheap methods and it shows in our VERIFIABLE feedback.
  3. We are extremely reliable- we will get your OSRS infernal cape order done in no time, within 48 hours! Come into our 24/7 livechat to start talking to an infernal cape OSRS specialist now.
  4. We have the world record holder for the infernal cape on our team to do capes. 48 minutes was his fastest time. He is part of the 2007GP (BoostedMMO) Inferno cape team.



Step by Step guide on purchasing a Remote or Teamviewer Infernal cape for OSRS: No risk of bans, worry free.

The below is only for historical reasons. We have moved completed to a Teamviewer or Parsec onl infernal cape team. This will cement us as the only major infernal caper with 0 bans, (check our sythe).

To get started join our Discord. We are online 24/7.

  • One may ask, what exactly is port forwarding? And what is the difference between this method versus TeamViewer for your Old School RuneScape Infernal Cape. Well, first it is important to establish, we have been doing Infernal Capes ever since they have come out, and have not received a single ban. It is safe to say the chances of that are almost slim to none. Port forwarding is similar to that of TeamViewer- both methods are undetectable, and both methods utilize your home IP address to deliver your legendary cape.
  • With port forwarding, you will not need to give complete remote access to your personal PC or computer, instead, you will simply make a “port” available for use for one of our Infernal Cape team specialists. Sound confusing? It is really simple, read below on our 5 easy steps to setting it up, sit back, relax, and enjoy that awe-inspiring, head turning cape.



Port Forwarding – 5 easy Steps to 2007Scape Glory


Step 1: Buy the Infernal Cape

  • After you have purchased your inferno cape, one of our trained cape specialists will contact you through our live chat.


Step 2: Download our proprietary program

  • One of our OSRS Infernal Cape Team Specialists will send you a file to download via livechat.


Step 3: Extract the File

  • After downloading the zip file, go to where the file is located on your computer (This is usually in your downloads folder). Left click and “Extract Files”.
  • *See note 1 if you are having trouble on this Step.


Step 4: Run the .bat File

  • After extracting the folder, you will now see a “Infernal.bat” file. Double click and run it.
  • *See note 2 if you are having trouble on this Step.


Step 5: You’re done!

  • After this is complete, a Live chat specialist will confirm everything is in working order and begin your cape.



  • Run into a problem? Do not worry, our 24/7 Live Chat is here to help. Here is also a quick guide to some of the most common problem our clients run into. If this doesn’t work, please do not hesitate to ask. We will glady assist.

*Note 1:

  • You may need to download a program, 7-zip, to be able to extract the downloadable folder our livechat agent sends. 7-zip is an open source windows file opener; free to download, easy to use.

*Note 2:

  • Some users may run into firewall problems when attempting to run the .bat file. This is normal. You may need to disable windows firewall to allow it to run for the duration of your cape service.


In conclusion:

  • No login details required
  • Don’t need best internet connection
  • Multiple unique & safe options for capes
  • Cape will ALWAYS be done on your internet connection


We are so confident in our methods that in the event of a removed cape due to a ban, we will get you another infernal cape for FREE!

Total bans with our methods: 0

My team of capers are three handpicked individuals whom are based around the world so that we can get your cape pretty much where ever you are located.

Here are a few of the many capes we have completed! Click on the picture to be taken to our sythe thread.